"We have to practice remembering the Lord always, twenty-four hours a day, by chanting His names and molding our life’s activities in such a way that we can remember Him always.

"How is this possible? The ācāryas give the following example. If a married woman is attached to another man, or if a man has an attachment for a woman other than his wife, then the attachment is to be considered very strong. One with such an attachment is always thinking of the loved one. The wife who is thinking of her lover is always thinking of meeting him, even while she is carrying out her household chores. In fact, she carries out her household work even more carefully so her husband will not suspect her attachment. Similarly, we should always remember the supreme lover, Śrī Kṛṣṇa, and at the same time perform our material duties very nicely. A strong sense of love is required here. If we have a strong sense of love for the Supreme Lord, then we can discharge our duty and at the same time remember Him. But we have to develop that sense of love. " - A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Bhagavad-gita As Is Is, Introduction


Sunday, February 12, 2012


This is late posting, some photos that were taken a couple months back:

This years wreathe was made from dried vines from the back yard and leaves. The leaves were painted with gold, copper, and silver paint (at Dick Blick) and then glued to the vines which had been twisted into a wreathe shape and held together with wire.  Some saved ribbon and a splash of white paint for faux snow gave a final touch. 

From India came this collection of skeleton keys that wound up as a tinkling wind chime on the front porch. Same paint as was added to the leaves above. A top coat of varnish can help keep the paint on. The contraption they are hanging from is a busted computer part. That got painted, too. Both these projects kept the grandchildren busy.

Here, nature came indoors as cut spring branches in a vase, supported with pretty stones inside.

OK, this has got to be a best discovery yet. Not wanting to throw anything out without considering how it may be reused, these amazing rags were born. They come from cotton thermal leggings that were too worn to pass on. The fabric is absorbent and has a texture that makes any cleaning easier.
They are cut into useable pieces and kept handy.